Friday, May 29, 2009


I'll randomly be posting sketches from my sketchbook throughout this blog. I started sketching more in an attempt to study architecture, signage, and the environments around me. I read an article about a architect who sketched what he saw while he ate lunch. Since I've started, I've stumbled onto other sketcher sites like the urbansketcher. This site was started by Seattle Artist Gabi Campanario who also sketchblogs for the Seattle PI online.

I usually go out on my lunch hour and spend about 5-10 mins on the drawings. The goal is to keep them loose and study form. Many of the drawings depict locations in Downtown Bellevue, Woodinville, and other NW locations. This particular image is at the Bellevue City Hall Courtyard, a place I often go to get away while I'm at work. There is well groomed lawn, and "concrete" river flowing around the courtyard. There is also a modern building with floor to ceiling glass walls. If I were to design a home it would resemble this setting.

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  1. that's awesome...Keep up the awesome work. You've already got an amazing eye for perspective - so I can only imagine how awesome these will be a couple months worth of lunches from now...