Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our trip

So unfortunately, I've been having issues uploading photos to this site. Therefore none of my posts are coming thru. So I'll recap now.

Day One
Drove down to Portland, OR then roughly 2hr to the Pacific. We trided to go to the Tilumuck Cheese factory only to discover it was closed do to a bursted pipe. So we headed south along HWY 101. The coastline was beautiful and the weather was wet. We stayed in Florence, about halfway down the state.

Day Two
Went to the Sea Lion caves just north of Florence. We took an elevator 200 ft down to the caves where over 200 sea lions were lounging. This was one of the most beautiful natural things I've ever seen. From there south to the famous sand dunes where we rented an ATV and drove all over the dunes catching air on some jumps and almost flipping our ride. Finally stopping in Cresent City just into California. The weather turned into a thunder storm off the ocean and got pretty gnarly.

Day Three
We drove most of the day. The roadway took us thru the Redwood National Park. Where we drove thru a cut out tree. The trees where huge, 22 ft in diameter. Only part of the drive was along the coast. The rest of the drive was hwy thru mts and wine country. Around the evening we entered San Fran where I proposed to Kristi with the golden gate bridge and the city in the background. She said yes. It was great. More tomorrow.


  1. I need pictures. I'm kidding man. Sounds like you guys are experiencing some cool things. Hope you can get some pictures upload to view. Have fun and be safe. Later

  2. Ah the ole ball and chain...j/k, Really so happy for you guys, and excited to see what the future holds...It's only going to be a matter of time before a couple little beans are running around...

  3. Congrats on the engagement!

    (I have wanted to drive through the Redwoods forever - its on my list! I can't wait to see pics!)