Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is my first go in the world of blogging. A reason I wanted to post is to hopefully update family and friends while on a road trip down the left coast. My girlfriend and I are leaving for a week traveling along the coast line with no reservations. Our goal is to post a daily blog sharing our experiences the places we've stopped and via blackberry. All we need is an Aveo, a cooler, and gas money... flying by the seat of our pants.


  1. Props to you guys for not feeling the need everything all planned out...too many of us (myself included) approach every situation with an elaborate plan and too often don't set aside the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak...I can't wait to hear stories, see pictures, and get your insights that will hopefully inspire all of us to do similar trips someday...

  2. Hey guys! Have a great trip - I'll be checking back here tomorrow for your next post!

    Be safe and make sure to stop at fruit stands. :D

  3. Wow....didn`t see this comin`..CONGRATULATIONS you two..and I love ya. holdin` the fort down here in Wa. Grandma